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A Note From A House Manager

Dear Visionary (that’s you),

First, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to allow me to speak to you via this note.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know your time is limited, and I hope by now you have seen that we are not just another “coach”, “strategist”, “expert” or “guru” trying to sell you their course, mastermind, or signature program.

There are no funnels or sales traps anywhere inside our community.

Retailing Evolved was made for YOU.

It’s a social network for retail and e-commerce Visionaries to learn new strategies to grow their businesses, attend events to network with other Founders, get one-on-one support with our Consultants, and just have a place to go where everyone inside “gets you”.  They get the retail business.

We wanted to create an interactive way for brands and retailers to receive merchandising consulting on a regular basis in a way that’s easily consumable and less cost-intensive than working with us one-on-one, for those who need it.

Can’t wait to welcome you in!

DeAnna McIntosh, Global Retail + E-commerce Consultant
You deserve to have the same tools + strategies as the big brands.
Once you join us, you absolutely will.


Success is all yours,


DeAnna McIntosh

Global Retail + E-commerce Consultant
The Affinity Group International
One of Your House Managers

Have a question?  We’re here.
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You’ve finally found a space where everyone is welcome, no matter what stage of business you’re in.

A space where you can be yourself.  Ask the questions you’re afraid to “in public”.

This space is a safe place where businesses grow and business owners are supported.