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Inside, You'll Lay The Foundation For
A Successful Retail Business

Start & Run Your Business Using The Strategies and Structure of Billion Dollar Brands,
With The Innovation And Flexibility Of A Small Business


Here’s what you’ll find inside our accelerator:
Housewarming Party

You'll be welcomed as a lifetime member of our global family of Visionaries that are goal-oriented, vision-driven, and committed to building their business ``the right way``. You'll complete your member profile and download our mobile app.

Retailing Essentials Class

You'll learn about all the ins and outs of the retail / wholesale / e-commerce industry - where you fit in, and how it impacts you. You'll learn about the product lifecycle, retail terminology, retail math, financial reports, and more!

From Plan To Launch Class

You will create your business plan, from start to finish inside LivePlan ($9.99 first month, $19.99 future months), along with profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. You will know exactly how much money and inventory you need to bring in and customers you need to attract, to hit your break even point and reach your sales goals. You will know exactly how much funding you need to open.

Weekly Live Q & A Sessions

Inside each class, there will be weekly live Q & A sessions with the instructors, so you can get answers and direction on anything you need help with as you begin working on your business plans and strategies.

Your Next Move

Once you've taken both classes and completed your entire business plan, with detailed financials (drilled down to the penny, literally) you'll be ready to join the bigger Community to learn advanced retail strategies to grow.

Join Our Startup

The retail industry is changing.

More than ever, our industry needs leaders, innovators, makers like YOU to define and lead the future of retail.

Our Retail Experts are here to guide you as you create your business plan – your roadmap to success.

We share with you all of the “industry secrets” that aren’t googleable, so that we make sure that when you launch, you do so with all of the tools to be not only successful, but profitable.

Save $100

Pay 30% or More Today, Pay Balance in Installments At A Frequency Decided By You And Decide How Long You Want The Payment Plan To Be!

**Please note, the class is based on you using the Live Plan Software, which is $9.99 the first month and $19.99 for every month thereafter.  You can cancel anytime, but it makes it SO much easier to complete your business plan and financials**

attendees listening to a presentation
Not ready to make the commitment yet?

Click here to join our community network for free and network with other entrepreneurs.  When you’re ready to begin putting your plans to action with us, we’ll be here ready to go!

Your Class Details
Inside The Accelerator

Part 1: Retailing Essentials

Understanding the WHO - roles & responsibilities, WHAT - they contribute and HOW - it comes together to make your retail business work.


  • Retail Organizational Chart
  • Key Members & Responsibilities


  • Product Lifecycle
  • Key Meetings & Why They’re Needed


  • Retail Terminology
  • Retail Math


  • Financial Reports
  • How To Analyze Your Business

Part 2: From Plan To Launch

Launch your business with organization, strategy, detailed financials and a clearly defined plan.


  • Live Plan Setup
  • Download Business Plan Template


  • Opportunity & Solution
  • Customer Profile & Segmentation
  • Competitive Analysis


  • Determining Your Name
  • Defining Your Brand Identity
  • Design Aesthetic Inspiration


  • Sources of Revenue
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Inventory Management Strategies
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy


  • Locations & Facilities
  • Inventory Management Process
  • Technology
  • Equipment & Tools


  • Management Team & Advisors
  • Key Planned Hires & Partnerships
  • Employee Management


  • Key Assumptions
  • Revenue Streams by Month
  • Itemized Expenses by Month


  • Projected Profit and Loss
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Projected Cash Flow
  • Funding Need and Use of Funds


  • Summary of Plan Sections
  • Financial Highlights by Year

We’ve run billion dollar merchandise departments. We want to help you run your store the exact same way.

Darlene is the most inspiring and professional leader we have ever worked with.

In less than a month of working with Darlene, she had quickly led us back on track to finding how to meet our company's full potential. Her experience and knowledge of the wholesale and retail markets are invaluable. She was able to translate her experience to us in order to find the right direction for our company. She is the most inspiring and professional leader we have ever worked with.

Hatch & Cloak Retail Boutique

I was confirmed in some areas, and also challenged and encouraged in other areas

My business is just a year old, and I haven’t thought of my business in this way that was presented in the class. I am an IT engineer by day, now feeling out what my next phase will be. There was a lot of information to digest. I learned new things. However, I loved it! I was confirmed in some areas, that I felt was more of a gut feeling, but now I know it has merit. Also challenged and encouraged in other areas, where I need to grow in.

Veronica N. Online Boutique Owner

DeAnna's breadth of knowledge is solid

Very thorough. DeAnna's breadth of knowledge is solid. I like working with people who can see a few steps down the line and this just comes naturally to her. Highly recommend!

Chizi U. Launching a Product Line

Plan To Launch Class Really Motivated Me

Thank you so much for the Plan To Launch Business Planning class. This has really motivated me and given me the knowledge I was lacking in order to get the ball rolling on opening my store!

Rachel M. Launching A Brick + Mortar Boutique

Exceeded expectations for my brand's trade show debut

I'm so happy I got to meet and know DeAnna while preparing for a trade show. I found her to be incredibly knowledgable and supportive during a period of uncertainty for me. She exceed my expectations in helping me prepare, plan and execute my brands trade show debut and provided a comprehensive trade show manual. She continues to be a source of sound counsel & guidance.

Blair A. Luxury Beauty Brand Owner

We believe the future of retail is small.

Small businesses, that is.
But – we constantly see these critical things missing from retail startup strategy that limits growth:
glad & young retail shop
A Well-defined Target Customer

If you are selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one.  Not knowing your customer so well that you can visualize them will cause you to design a website that doesn’t convert, buy / design products that won’t sell, and advertise to people who won’t buy.

A Financial Plan

To hit financial goals, you first have to have them!  You can’t determine how much inventory to buy or design, how to price your products, how to markdown inventory, and how to increase your sales – if you don’t have a financial plan.

Unique, Curated Products

I’m sure you’ve been tempted or even purchased a vendor list, but this is doing more harm than good for you.  That same list has been advertised to hundreds, thousands of business owners.  So if you are all using the same vendors….you get the point :-).  How can you stand out when you’re selling the same things as “everyone else”?  There’s a reason why “Instagram boutiques” all look the same.  You must find unique products that speak to your target customer.

Knowledge of How The Retail Industry Works

Retail is a different beast.  You may have worked with Business Consultants before, but did they specialize in retail?  You own a retail business so it’s critical that the Experts you invest in have that knowledge, or something will always feel like it’s “missing”.  There are strategies specific to retail that you have to know and implement to continue growing your sales and customer base.

A Strategic Plan

“Launch before you’re ready” they say.  “You don’t have to invest much to get started” they say.  “Create your personal brand first” they say.  “They” say so much that is just. plain. wrong.  Sure, you can launch and just see what happens.  But your goal is to make money and build a business that will last right?  To do that, you need all the zillion aspects of running a retail business to work flawlessly together – and that takes skill and a plan.

You will have clarity and direction on all of this
through your work inside Retailing Evolved.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside Our Stunning Community.

Your House Managers

Our entire team has 100+ years of combined experience executing merchandising, marketing, financial + operational strategies.  We have our own consulting businesses and joined forces to create this community for you to receive support in every area of your business – in one place.

These ladies are your Community Leaders, and our other Team Experts drop in to teach and train you throughout your time with us.

DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Consultant, Headshot
Darlene Mitchell, Inventory Management Consultant
Ulla Hald, Fashion + Tech Expert

Move in and start your housewarming activities