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you can still hit your 2020 goals. you can still hit your 2020 goals.

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Behind The Sale:
A Day Of Strategy

A Business Planning Experience For Boutiques & Indie Brands
Spend the day getting clarity + mapping out the rest of 2020
Block off your calendar and watch the strategy sessions inside the Retailing Evolved Community

(Your $69 ticket gets you lifetime access)

how to start a boutique
We Are Boutiques
We Are Makers
We Are E-commerce Stores

2020 has turned retail upside down.

But it's up to you to get back up and keep fighting.
Behind The Sale Is Designed To Give You Insider Access To Industry Experts Whose Advice Will Guide Your Business Planning for the Remainder of 2020.

The key to a day of successful planning is to block off your entire calendar for the day and focus solely on this.  You will be given a business planning workbook so you will be strategizing as you listen and are inspired by the session content.

You will end the day with a concrete plan on how you will hit your 2020 goals!
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Strategy Session Focus Areas

Each focus area has multiple sessions inside it taught by Retail Experts. See them below.

Get Brand Clarity

If you are selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one.  Not knowing your customer so well that you can visualize them will cause you to design a website that doesn’t convert, buy / design products that won’t sell, and advertise to people who won’t buy.

At the conclusion of this section you will:

  • identify and know your ideal customer
  • know how to speak to that customer through your brand image
  • create the mindset of a retail leader
Get Financial Clarity

To hit financial goals, you first have to have them!  You can’t determine how much inventory to buy or design, how to price your products, how to markdown inventory, and how to increase your sales – if you don’t have a financial plan.

At the conclusion of this section you will:

  • know how to create the financial base of your business
  • understand basic retail math and formulas
  • understand the key variables that impact business performance
Get Product Clarity

I’m sure you’ve been tempted or even purchased a vendor list, but this is doing more harm than good for you.  That same list has been advertised to hundreds, thousands of business owners.  So if you are all using the same vendors….you get the point :-).  How can you stand out when you’re selling the same things as “everyone else”?  There’s a reason why “Instagram boutiques” all look the same.  You must find unique products that speak to your target customer.  You also must know which sales channels will be best for your business.

At the conclusion of this section you will know:

  • what sales channel is best for your specific retail vision
  • where to find product for your unique business strategy
  • the relationships that are important in your business
Get Operational Clarity

You can’t scale properly (or profitably) without systems and processes in place for your operations.

At the conclusion of this section you will know:

  • visual merchandising best practices
  • how to determine if you’re ready for a fulfillment center
  • workflows you need to have defined processes and timelines around
Get Marketing Clarity

In this session you will learn how to reach, engage and convert your customer.

At the conclusion of this section you will know:

  • how to create a marketing strategy
  • the tactics to execute to meet your marketing goals
  • the key numbers to measure your marketing efforts

Navigate the rest of 2020 with clarity and direction.

Your Speakers (Mentors)

Our Diverse Lineup of Speakers are from All Areas and Angles of the Retail Industry – Buying & Merchandising, Product Development, Marketing, Branding Design, Financial and Inventory Management, Store Operations, and more!
DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Consultant, Headshot
Darlene Mitchell, Inventory Management Consultant
Kevin Patera, Ilina Group
JADE SYKES stylegem + the gem agency founder (1)

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside Our Stunning Community Where The Day of Strategy Will Be Hosted.

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Lifetime Access To Content That Isn’t Googleable Taught by Retail Industry Experts
Complimentary Access To The Retailing Evolved Community + One Buying Strategy Class
Ask Your Questions Directly To The Speakers
Meet Other Entrepreneurs Working Towards Their Goals

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