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What To Expect When You Move In?

We equip you with Fortune 100-proven strategies, systems, and processes that large brands + retailers utilize to drive:

  • sales
  • traffic
  • conversion
  • engagement
  • and productivity at a higher level.

Here’s an example of the level of expertise we provide:

After moving in and investing in membership, expect to have:

  • Your own Merchandising Support Team for less a month than the cost of one day of work from a part-time employee
  • Sales, margin, conversion and traffic increases from the corporate-level strategies you implement
  • A revitalized strategic plan for your business and financial targets to hit
  • New sales channels to explore
  • Drastically less unproductive inventory and markdowns
  • design / buying plan for your products
  • More time at your disposal to do what you love from creating and enhancing systems + processes
  • business that is fulfilling and rewarding


What Your Move-in Process Looks Like:


1. You’ll determine the path you should start with so we can get you moved in
      • If you haven’t launched yet or in the early stages of your business journey, we have a special path for you before you jump into the community, through our Startup Accelerator :-).


2. This is what your time with us will look like monthly as a paid member:
      • Week 1: Video Class on 1 specific topic for your business strategy
      • Week 2: Monthly Learnings Review (what happened the previous month and how will you use that to impact your sales this month)
      • Week 3: Guide, Tool, or Class delivered to further enhance your business strategy
      • Week 4: Financial and Promotional Planning Review (open to buy, pricing, financial plan, promotions updates)
      • Week 5: Mindset / Innovation Talk


3. You will receive Constant support inside the Retailing Evolved Community through:
    1. LIVE 1:1 business reviews, coworking sessions, and chat messaging with our Retail + E-commerce Experts
    2. Articles about the latest and greatest news in our industry and how to apply the learning to our business strategy
    3. Curated events and meetups are included, and trips available within the United States and abroad


P.S. Your Home at Retailing Evolved and inside the Accelerator is available on your desktop AND via mobile app!