At the heart of retail, you'll find it's SO much more than just selling products.

we're bringing back the heart and soul of retail, one client at a time.

it's about serving deeply - not selling.

it's about actually solving a real problem for your customers.

it's about creating an emotional experience when they visit your store, website, tradeshow, or event.

it's about increasing your impact inside and outside of your community.

it's about seamlessly interweaving your company into your customers' lifestyle.

it's about creating a legacy for yourself, your family, and the industry around you.

it's about curating a unparalleled product assortment that your customers crave and tell a story.

it's about fulfilling your customers' hopes and dreams.

This is what retail means in our world.

A Retail Strategy + Innovation Studio paving a fresh, new path forward for the future of retail.

We Are Retailing Evolved®

Our Retail Consulting Firm helps Vision-driven Individuals, Retailers, and Businesses grow their revenue, community, and most of all - their impact - using products.

What We Do

like helping authors deepen their connection with their readers by literally bringing their characters to life through dolls.

or helping therapists continue their client support in-between sessions through creating their own set of journals.

and helping product-based businesses create new, innovative revenue streams using the product lines they already carry + sourcing new ones.

like helping business coaches magnify their client transformation through creating a physical box with tangible worksheets + tools.

and even helping funeral homes provide meaningful gifts to their grieving clients through creating personalized mementos.

We also work with major players in the retail world (like real estate developers and tradeshows for example) to create innovative revenue streams and curate swoon-worthy spaces, transforming what the word "retail" means today.

If you're ready for growth, you're in the right place.

We challenge norms.

(and demand the same from our clients)

We dream bigger than what we see in front of us.

We believe brick and mortar will never die, and that there's no such thing as a retail apocolypse, contrary to what you see on the news.

We simply believe that retail lost its way when the focus became just about selling products...


...serving customers and actually solving a [worthwhile] problem for them.

It feels at times that retail has lost its heart and soul, and our Retail Merchandising Consultants are working with Visionary Founders and Groundbreaking Retail Players (like you) to bring it back.

I’m a business strategist and Retail Consultant, ex-corporate buyer, travel junkie, ice cream feign, boy mama, football coach wifey, blue - haired, new-idea-by-the-minute kinda woman.

Business as we know it has been forever changed - but with change, comes so many great things.  Innovation, being one of the greatest.  Some of today's greatest, most popular companies were birthed during some of the toughest times in history (Instagram, Disney, IBM).  Why?  Because when there is pressure, when things around us seem to be out of our control and it feels that there's no way out - the curious Entrepreneurs like you find a way.

You look in places others don't.  You do things others won't. You turn failure and downturn into opportunity.  You are the exact type of Entrepreneur and Business I proudly work with every day.

You are the one that is changing and innovating the landscape of retail today.  I jump in as your wing woman each time you want to dive in and take a fresh look at your business to discover new opportunities to both increase and diversify your revenue and serve your customers at a deeper level.

I spent 10 years working inside the corporate offices of some of the US's biggest retailers, as a Buyer, Strategy Manager, Merchandising Director, Logistics Analyst, Merchant. Fast forward to today, my team and I are the driving force of innovation and revenue behind small and midsize creative and retail businesses like yours worldwide.

Yep. I change my hair a lot, but the blue is always consistent :-).

The Woman Behind The Studio



"In working with Retailing Evolved, we have not only set up a solid foundation for operating our business, but we have seen double-digit sales growth and most importantly, as the founder and CEO, I now have that million-dollar brand mindset when making any and all decisions related to the business."

- kali, project full

Success Stories


drove $1Million from a new collection launch

"I worked closely with our manufacturer to be the first to go-to-market with a no-iron linen collection."

This collection drive a $1M incremental sales increase over the previous year, and today, 8 years later, the collection name is trademarked and is a multimillion dollar merchandise program.
I replicate these same successes within your business.

Chizi's startup raised $120k in funding

"DeAnna's refining of our deck and developing of our ability to speak clearly on the impact of our solution helped us raise $120k shortly afterwards."

The availability and professionalism of DeAnna is top tier. The depth and breadth of her knowledge shocked us a few times, and to back it up she was able to provide targeted connections to individuals within her network.  Our institutional investors made a pointed remark on her involvement with us; it strengthened their investment rationale in our company.

This could be you....

liz saved over $100k in markdowns

"DeAnna helped us establish data-informed product development targets to make sure that we were bringing the right mix of products to our next launch."

She also explored trends in the industry, reaching out to customers and travelling to trade markets to keep the pulse of styles and designs that are relevant to our company.  She is design savvy, fun to work with, and not afraid to bring new ideas and insights to the table.

In my corporate life

With my consulting

After a strategy session

AMIRA got CRYSTAL clear on where she was in her business and next steps to grow her sales

"What stood out most while working with DeAnna was how much she understood where I am in the process of growing my business."

She was able to give customized feedback based my particular business needs. No cookie cutter answers.   She didn’t just expound on my problem areas but more importantly pointing out why and how I’m on the right track within other areas of business.  DeAnna is very personable and a true professional.   If you are just starting out, growing your business (as I am) or in need of some guided advice, DeAnna can help!

​You believe that measuring revenue is equally as important as measuring impact.

Is this you?

​You're not looking to "sell products", your vision is to create an innovative solution to your customers’ problems utilizing products, services, experiences, and tech.

You understand the importance of building both a community inside your brand with your customers - and a community outside your brand by immersing yourself in your local area.

You feel it in your bones that your business is bigger than you. You’re building something that will create a legacy for yourself, your family, and perhaps even your entire culture.

Screaming in your head YES this is me? Let's chat.

Increased revenue and impact starts here.

Welcome in!


Retailing Evolved® is an Innovative Retail Consulting Firm equipping Vision-led Individuals, Retailers, and Businesses to grow their revenue, community, and [more importantly] their impact - using products.

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