I'm a Retail Business Consultant (and a proven force in the DTC world) with a bold curiosity who will be your strategic partner in catapulting your business growth.

Here's my story

Fashion enthusiast by day.

Soccer Mom by night (ok, and day too!).

Since a young age I've had a strong passion for retail.  My first job in high school was as a sales associate at the GAP. Seeing the GAP Inc corporate address in San Francisco on my paychecks would make me wonder what it would be like to work there. Fast forward to 6 years later, after graduating from Indiana University in Business Management, I started working as a buyer at Mervyns in Northern California. I was hooked! I knew this was a career where my passion and personal strengths aligned in perfect harmony.  

20+ years later, I've built a vast portfolio of experience consisting of brick and mortar retail, private label brand partnerships, off price retail, and ecommerce businesses with an omnichannel focus.

All of this experience I inject directly into your business to creatively (and profitably) fuel your growth strategy!

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My Formal Bio

Rimi Gill is a groundbreaking, innovative Retail Merchandising Consultant with 20+ years of experience helping brands and retailers drive sales, expand their customer base, flawlessly add new streams of revenue, launch into DTC and wholesale channels, and build private label collections (she's also a cherished Leader to many in the industry).

Rimi is a Thought Leader, Retail Growth Powerhouse, and an immediate asset to any retailer she partners with.

Her vast background and energetic personality will be the strategic ally you need as you navigate how to best serve your customers, while also growing your revenue, in this complex world of brick and mortar, eCommerce, social media, and pop-up shops. 

In her almost 20+ year journey in retail she has built a vast portfolio of experience consisting of brick and mortar retail, private label brand partnerships, off price retail, and ecommerce businesses with an omnichannel focus. Early on in her career at Bebe stores, she worked on the team which created a mid-priced value line called 2B Bebe. This product segmentation from the Bebe line allowed the brand to increase it's customer base by up to 40%!

Rimi was at Zappos.com for 11 years and she used her strong industry network to launch "Direct to Consumer" brands to become wholesale partners on Zappos.com (i.e. Janie and Jack, MANGO and J.Crew).   This partnership drove new revenue channels for these stagnant retail brands by growing their customer base. These launches drove a revenue surplus of $3M+ in their first 12 months with Zappos.  

In addition, she was selected to be a part of the team which lead, created and implemented new business models for the company which included: Amazon marketplace, dropship and consignment. She conceptualized, created, and saw end to end management of an exclusive Kids private label line called #4Kids!  

Last but not least, she drove her personal passion of developing more female leaders in the company forward by creating a mentorship and development program called #WE (Women Empowered). This was a program that was highly regarded and backed up by former CEO Tony Hseih.  

The real deal

I’m here to help you build a business that disrupts the status quo (and grows month after month), and sets the standard for the future of commerce.

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