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I'm an Ex-corporate Buyer - turned - Business Consultant primarily for Small to Midsize Retailers and Creative businesses.  I help increase and diversify their revenue utilizing proven merchandising strategies + tools I used daily in my 10 years as a Buyer and Merchant inside Fortune 500 Retailers.

As a Business Strategist and Retail Consultant, I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing Entrepreneurs, and partner with many incredible companies.

There's nothing I'm more passionate about than sharing my love for retail to empower Retailers and Creatives to keep fighting for their business, while also driving value and brand loyalty to your organization.

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I'm so excited to learn more about your company, your goals, and what your dream partnership would look like.

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First, let me give you an overview of our partnership program (in case we chat and are a great match!)

My goal in being your partner is to relieve the pain points of you + your clients through our services

(making your job easier and producing a better overall client outcome)

10% referral payouts on any service a client books that you sent our way

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i will regularly share and repost your content

i will write an seo-optimized blog post for your site each year

The Perks

Plus additional thank you perks based on the number of clients you send who book!

Second, here are other ways I can provide value to you and your Clients


Drive deeper ROI for your clients +  higher value for your projects  by adding a Merchandising Expert to your team.

My proven success as a Buyer, Strategy Manager, and Merchandise Director inside numerous Fortune-ranking brands like Chico’s, Office Depot, and Home Depot, will drive immediate results for your clients.

With my strong eye for design, and 16+ years of merchandising experience, I've launched numerous products into retail and e-commerce platforms – with one of the most notable driving a $1M incremental sales increase.  8 years later, this collection remains a trademarked, multi-million dollar merchandise program.



My talks evolve to reflect current trending topics in our industry and inspire forward-thinking strategic action.

- Increase and Diversify Your Revenue With Zero Ad Spend
- Retail Is Not Dead. It Is Evolving.
- Curating The Perfect Product Assortment

my signature talks include:

The future of commerce is lifestyle-driven.

Your audience deserves to have the same strategies as billion-dollar brands.

After my talks, they absolutely will.



Relatable.  Trustworthy.  Insightful.  Memorable.  Innovative.  Futuristic.
These are words Clients use to describe me (+ you too when we work together).

You can consider me a Micro-influencer.  My followers and email subscribers engage with me at multiple touchpoints - in my social media comments and DMs, through texts, in my inbox, and at events.  They don't look at me as an Influencer.  They look at me as their trusted Business Bestie + Coach.  They look to me for the latest tips, tools, and strategies to increase their sales.

 "At the micro level, there’s stronger engagement, better costs, and tons of opportunities." - Don't take my word for it, it came straight from Buffer!

I partner with companies to create compelling imagery and copy that empower small businesses, drive value and ROI for you, and also power the future of commerce.  Think engaging, SEO-optimized blog posts, newsletter content and social posts.


Let's Chat About What Your Dream Partnership Would Look Like

Recent Speaking Engagements + Press Features

Future-proofing Your Retail Business

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jul 2022

Multiply + Diversify Your Revenue with Zero Ad Spend

atlanta market
jul 2022

“After applying the strategies I learned from DeAnna over the past 6 months, my sales YTD are up over 50% compared to 2020 and 41% compared to 2019.”

- d'cher, love peridot

I'd been following DeAnna for a long time after coming across her page via a business friend. She came off so differently compared to the other retail and boutique coaches I'd followed in the past. She broke retail down in a way that I'd never seen. The Storefront Success® framework and expertise that DeAnna provides is filled with so much VALUE! Yes, my numbers are looking great. But the value and the fact that I can apply the tools I learned for years to come is priceless. 

“DeAnna's expertise, knowledge and network cannot be beat. She is a genius at creating and sharing the MOST useful documents that have completely re-defined how I manage the business day-to-day and make all decisions. ”

- kali, project full

In my first 6 months of working with DeAnna, we have not only set up a solid foundation for operating our business, but we have seen double digit sales growth and most importantly, as the founder and CEO, I now have that million dollar brand mindset when making any and all decisions related to the business.

“The depth and breadth of DeAnna's knowledge shocked us a few times.  She helped us raise over $120k for our startup."

- chizi, smart seal

The refining of our deck and our ability to speak more clearly to the potential impact of our solution on the problem of anti-counterfeit and post-sale brand interactions helped us raise over $120K shortly afterwards. Our institutional investors made a pointed remark on her involvement with us; it strengthened their investment rationale in our company.

My Formal Bio

In 2020, After the senseless murder of George Floyd, and seeing the awakening of retail companies to their lack of diversity, DeAnna co-founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Diversify Retail® Inc. to connect two communities she loves to drive change and make a global impact – the retail community and communities of color. Through her nonprofit, she educates and empowers BIPOC brands and retailers to open and build retail businesses that evolve as quickly as the industry does, and that will shape the face and future of what retail looks like today.

DeAnna McIntosh is a trend-setting, results-driven Business Strategist and Retail Consultant with 16+ years of experience helping brands drive sales, conversion, productivity, innovation, and engagement (10 of those years being inside Fortune-ranked Retailers).

DeAnna is a Thought Leader and Changemaker, often called upon to speak and inspire audiences that the growth they envision is in their grasp.

She is renowned for her collaborative and energetic work style, innovation, and conducting business with integrity and transparency. DeAnna and her team bring priceless insight, original and actionable ideas, brilliant branding, organizational effectiveness, and sales-driving strategies to your company from day one.

DeAnna holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Fashion Merchandising Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, USA, and Polimoda Institute in Florence, Italy. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and baby boy.

With a strong eye for design and her corporate merchandising experience, she has launched numerous products into retail and e-commerce platforms – with one of the most notable being the Chico’s No-Iron Linen Collection, which is now a multi-million-dollar program. DeAnna also curated the first-ever “shop local” assortment initiative at Office Depot, merchandising 10+ local Austin, Texas brands inside the 13 area stores, including consumer favorites Epic Provisions and Chameleon Coffee.

In 2015, DeAnna launched The Affinity Group International (TAGI), a Retail Business and Economic Development firm,  to strategically build and fortify independent retail economies in developed and emerging markets through the company's signature retail training and development program, Revitalize Retail®.  The program is facilitated through Economic Development Corporations, Small Business Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, and Retail Shopping Centers.

In 2018, DeAnna launched TAGI's sister, Merchandising Agency, Retailing Evolved®, to work directly with small and mid-sized businesses, equipping them with the proven strategies, tools, and systems she utilized daily as a Buyer and various other roles during her corporate career.  She and her team help Creative and Retail Businesses increase and diversify their revenue, without spending a penny on advertising.

Increased revenue and impact starts here.

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Retailing Evolved® is an Innovative Retail Consulting Firm equipping Vision-led Individuals, Retailers, and Businesses to grow their revenue, community, and [more importantly] their impact - using products.

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