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How A vip day WITH ME works

(aka how we are able to accomplish so much in one day)

01. The Questionnaire

After you make the investment, you will be directed to complete a comprehensive questionnaire that will give me insight into your current business operations. Once the questionnaire is complete, you will receive the link to reserve your date for the VIP Day, which is available 2 weeks in the future. This is to ensure I have ample time to prepare for a productive session during the pre-work phase.

vip day breakdown:

02. The Pre-work

In this phase I will review your questionnaire responses in great detail.  This data helps me prepare your proposed growth strategy, as well as your customized documents we will review together: your high-level business review and growth outline, customized sales report, your goal matrix (so you have a big picture view o your 12-month goals), your financial plan (sales plan by department), and your merchandising strategy overview (how you're going to build your product assortment to hit your sales goals). I will also ship you your Flawless Clarity® box in preparation for our pre-VIP day Visioning Call.

03. The VIP Day

During our 4 hours together (your meal is on me) either virtual or in-person, you and I will dig deeper into your business performance than you ever have before (literally because the way I do, you can't google. It's straight from my 16+ years in the retail industry, managing billions of dollars in revenue.  And you'll look at your business with the same lens from that day forward).  I've spent the last two weeks researching your niche, brainstorming with my team, and building upon the information you submitted in your questionnaire and that we discussed during your Visioning call, to review our proposed financial plan and growth strategy for your business - which all starts and ends with your vision and goals.  We simply magnify your vision and provide actionable steps to bring it to life.

During our time together, we will finalize your growth and financial plans and high-level merchandise strategy, then confirm the direction you will head in and the specific goals you will hit within the next 12 months.

04. The Post-VIP Day Deliverables

After our inspiring day together, you will receive the recording of the VIP Day (that will be fully searchable, so you can type in words or phrases and it'll give you the exact point in our meeting that it was mentioned, with the transcript), your finalized plans and goals, as well as the immediate action steps to take to capture what we identified as your biggest opportunities and also to solve your biggest challenges.

After the VIP day you'll have your plan, then what's left is to simply, execute.

Your team can then execute the plan, or the agency side of my business can  become an extension of your team to execute the plans we created together!

A VIP Day Investment Includes:

4 hours of 1:1  Growth Strategy Planning with DeAnna

Custom Sales Report (that helps you analyze your past business performance at a deeper level)

Immediate Sales-driving Action Tasks (a list of critical things you need to do to maximize sales within the next 90 days)

12-month Financial and Inventory Plan (that breaks down your sales goals and sku counts by department)

12-Month Goal Matrix (that breaks down your goals into manageable, actionable, quarterly chunks)

12-month Business + Merchandise Strategy Presentation (that will outline up to 10 growth opportunities, as well as your quarterly product assortment opportunities to explore, to hit your sales goals)

PAYMENT PLANS AND FUNDING OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE AND WE CAN DISCUSS THEM ON OUR CALL.  We can also address customizing your vip day to address other nuanced challenges you may have

1 1/2 hours of 1:1 Visioning with DeAnna plus a physical box of clarity tools mailed to you


drove $1Million from a new collection launch

"I worked closely with our manufacturer to be the first to go-to-market with a no-iron linen collection."

This collection drive a $1M incremental sales increase over the previous year, and today, 8 years later, the collection name is trademarked and is a multimillion dollar merchandise program.
I replicate these same successes within your business.

Chizi's startup raised $120k in funding

"DeAnna's refining of our deck and developing of our ability to speak clearly on the impact of our solution helped us raise $120k shortly afterwards."

The availability and professionalism of DeAnna is top tier. The depth and breadth of her knowledge shocked us a few times, and to back it up she was able to provide targeted connections to individuals within her network.  Our institutional investors made a pointed remark on her involvement with us; it strengthened their investment rationale in our company.

This could be you....

liz saved over $100k in markdowns

"DeAnna helped us establish data-informed product development targets to make sure that we were bringing the right mix of products to our next launch."

She also explored trends in the industry, reaching out to customers and travelling to trade markets to keep the pulse of styles and designs that are relevant to our company.  She is design savvy, fun to work with, and not afraid to bring new ideas and insights to the table.

In my corporate life

With my consulting

After a strategy session

AMIRA got CRYSTAL clear on where she was in her business and next steps to grow her sales

"What stood out most while working with DeAnna was how much she understood where I am in the process of growing my business."

She was able to give customized feedback based my particular business needs. No cookie cutter answers.   She didn’t just expound on my problem areas but more importantly pointing out why and how I’m on the right track within other areas of business.  DeAnna is very personable and a true professional.   If you are just starting out, growing your business (as I am) or in need of some guided advice, DeAnna can help!

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